A strange condition from Neymar to renew his contract with Paris Saint-Germain

To renew his contract ... a strange condition from Neymar to continue

"Neymar da Silva" striker of Paris Saint-Germain set his conditions in order to agree to renew his contract with Paris, which ends in 2022, long negotiations with the club's management that wants Neymar to continue in light of the possibility of Mbappe leaving during the upcoming summer transfer market and that Neymar began talks with the Paris administration Saint-Germain to extend his contract in Paris, and the Brazilian striker understands the market situation in light of the Corona virus crisis and has submitted two requests to renew his contract with the French team.

Neymar wants to continue in Paris Saint-Germain. but he wants to have a voice in the upcoming contracts with Paris and that his salary does not decrease despite the crisis due to Corona and with the possibility of Mbabe leaving. Nasser Al-Khelaifi will be forced to surrender if he does not want the departure of his best players despite the possibility of contracting With Cristiano Ronaldo next summer.

Among the conditions of Neymar is to be able to "advise" the club about upcoming contracts in order to form a competitive team that aspires to win the European Championship. Neymar has closed the idea of ​​returning to Barcelona because he knows well that the ability to earn the same salary estimated at "30 million euros" The season is not possible outside the Parisian club, as Barcelona's economic problems do not allow them to think about regaining the Brazilian striker, so Paris is considered the best option for Neymar to continue winning titles.

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