New Scudetto Begins for Napoli

Victor Osimhen Celebration (Twitter)

The 2022-2023 Serie A title has been successfully secured by Napoli after last season it was won by AC Milan. Il Partenopei - nicknamed Napoli - ensured the Scudetto after winning a 1-1 draw against Udinese at the Stadio Friuli, Friday.

After falling behind Sandi Lovric's goal (13'), Napoli continued to stick to their playing style until they finally scored a goal from Victor Osimhen (32'). Napoli won 80 points until week 33 and with five games remaining, they can no longer be chased.

As a result in the last four seasons the title Serie Awon by different clubs from Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, and now Napoli. Even more special for the people of Naples because this is their first Serie A title since 1990 or 33 years ago.

at that timeNaplesthe champion in the era of the Argentine legend, Diego Maradona, and now the honor of lifting the Serie A trophy goes to team captain Giovanni Di Lorenzo, who recently won the 2020 European Cup with the Italian national team.

napolli coach celebration win scudetto

"What a feeling, we've been fighting for this since the start of the season, it's finally here and we're very happy. I think it's a title we really deserve and we can't wait to celebrate it," said Di Lorenzo quoted from Football-Italy.

"It has been many years for a place like Naples that lives football and every day passes on its passion and love for the team. It feels like we are in Naples tonight, really."

"Compared to him (Maradona), being captain after Maradona lifted the Scudetto, I am speechless. This is not my Scudetto, it belongs to all the players and people who are working to make this dream come true."

For Napoli, it was also the third Serie A trophy after the last being won in 1987 and 1990. It took a hard struggle for Napoli who were declared bankrupt in 2004 and then started everything from Serie C to get to their current position.

The enthusiasm of the fans could be seen when the Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, with a capacity of 50,000 spectators, was filled with supporters who watched the match on the big screen and celebrated together after the game ended.

"You always tell me, we wanted to win and we won! We all won together. And on Sunday against Fiorentina, everyone is here for a big party. Thank you everyone!" added Napoli President, Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Despite having just confirmed the Scudetto, De Laurentiis emphasized that Napoli would never stop and remain ambitious. The film producer in Italy wants Luciano Spalletti's team to continue to be successful in winning the Scudetto and another target: the Champions League.

"Today is the culmination of a hope that has lasted for 33 years. When I arrived I said it would take 10 years to get to Europe – we kept it that early," added De Laurentiis.

"I said 10 more years to win the Scudetto, and we did it again a few years before."

"Now we have to win it again, and again, and again. And of course, we miss the Champions League," he said.

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