Champions League Leg 2 Schedule Round of 16 This Month

Champions League

The Champions League round of 16 will enter the second leg, which will last this month. There are four matches that will be broadcast live on Sony Network.

The two second leg matches will take place on Wednesday morning, March 11, 2021. The two matches are Juventus vs FC Porto , which is live on Sony Network, and Dortmund vs Sevilla. Juve are in a depressed state after losing 1-2 in the first leg, while Dortmund just have to finish the job because previously they won 3-2 at home to Sevilla.

On the morning of Thursday, March 12, 2021, it will be Liverpool vs RB Leipzig and PSG vs Barcelona in action. Liverpool were 2-0 up in the first meeting. Meanwhile, Barcelona, ​​whose matches will be broadcast live on Sony Network, have a tough task to turn things around at PSG headquarters, having lost 1-4 in the previous meeting.

The remaining four second leg matches take place the following week. On Wednesday morning, March 17, 2021, there will be matches for Manchester City vs Borussia Moenchengladbach and Real Madrid vs Atalanta (live Sony Network). Man City won 2-0, while Real Madrid won 1-0.

The following day, Thursday morning, March 18, 2021, there will be a Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid match, which is live on Sony Network, and Bayern Munich vs Lazio. Chelsea winning 1-0 in the first leg, while Bayern have won 4-1.

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