Ibrahimovic leads Milan to victory over Inter Milan ... and City are content with a goal against Arsenal


Ibrahimovic leads Milan to win Derby of Fury

Milan was the only one at the top of the Italian League, after beating rival Inter Milan with two goals to one goal in the fiery confrontation that took place at the "Giuseppe Meazza" stadium in Milan's Derby in the matches of the 4th round of the match, and Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored Milan's two goals in the 13th and 16th minutes of the meeting time before That the Belgian star Romelu Lukaku reduce the difference with Inter Milan's first goal in the 29th minute of the match, and with that result, Milan occupies the top of the Italian league with 12 points from a win in 4 games, while Inter is in sixth place with 7 points.

City beat Arsenal with one goal

Manchester City achieved a dear win over Arsenal with a goal without a response in the match that was held at Al Ittihad Stadium in the 5th round of the English Premier League. The only goal was scored by Raheem Sterling in the 23rd minute of the match. There is little danger from the Janors players on the opponent's goal, and with that result, Arsenal ranks fifth in the Premier League table with 9 points, while Manchester City is in tenth place with 7 points and has a postponed match against Aston Villa.

Real Madrid fall in front of Cadiz with a goal in La Liga

Real Madrid fell in a big surprise in front of its guest Kadesh with a goal without a response in the match that was held at the "Alfredo de Sitfano" stadium in the 6th round of the Spanish League competition, and the only goal was scored by Anthony Lozano in the 41st minute. In the whole first half only because he felt some pain in the left foot due to a slight bruise, but the injury is not serious, according to what some Spanish reports have revealed, and with that result, Real Madrid tops the Spanish league table temporarily with 10 points, while Cadiz is in second place with 10 points as well. On goal difference from Real Madrid.

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